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It is being coming increasingly easier to automate time consuming and tedious tasks, and is important as a small business owner to learn how to automate some of these tasks. Time is money, don’t waste time on doing tasks that you can automate when you could be spending that time working on your business and not in it. 


1. Hire Someone to Manage Social Media

Now days it is so easy to outsource. You can use services such as,, or


2. Schedule Meetings

Automate meeting scheduling using so clients can schedule their own meetings with you.


3. Automate Payroll with Gusto

Do you dread having to do payroll every other week. Using a system like Gusto will automatically do it for you and keep your employees informed. 


4. Automate Marketing & Track Customers with a CRM like Keap

I love having access to all of my customers in one easy CRM. Creating email campaigns, and tracking your interactions with customers couldn’t be easier. Keap is a great system for automating your marketing. Try it FREE for 14 days here.


5. Invoicing & Payments

You’re going to get a 2 for one here if you use a system like Keap. Not only can you automate all of your email, and customer tracking you can also do invoicing and payments. Setup your sales funnels so you don’t have to lift a finger once clients are in the funnel. They’ll receive all of their emails, and invoicing automatically. Try Keap for Free for 14 days here.


6. Customer Service

Customer service is important, if you’re not responding to your customers in a timely manner they will move on to some one else who can help them. A great system to handle customer service is Zendesk.


7. Manage Projects & Tasks with Trello

Collaborate in real time with your team on projects and tasks. Trello offers a great online board for you to manage, organize and prioritize projects. 


8. Turn your Cell phone into a Business Line

Are you taking business calls on your cell phone or receiving calls on your cell phone when you’re “not working”. Setup a google voice or if you use a service like Keap which I mentioned earlier they offer a business line. This will ring to your phone so you can take calls when you’re not at your desk. You can also link the calls to an email or text response if you’re busy. Another nice bonus is that you can set the hours that you’re available and silence calls when you’re off work.


9. Eliminate Junk Mail with

Do you get a lot of junk email or email you don’t want anymore that is cluttering up your inbox? is a great service that will show you all of the subscriptions you have and allow you to choose which to unsubscribe from.


10. Manage Business Communications, Storage & Collaboration with Google Apps

Google apps is a great way to manage all of your documents. Team members can collaborate on documents in real time without having to send them back and forth.


There has never been a better time to setup automation in your business. What are some of the tools you are using to automate your daily tasks? 


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